Mz. Demeanor
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 268

“With the streets come consequences. How you handle the consequences determines whether you will be the predator or the prey.” That’s what I tell myself every time I step out into these streets. Nobody really cares about me other than my mama, which makes me no different from the next man. My girl stays with her hand out for herself and her family, my brothers have their own agendas and now I lose the one person who really understood me. Nothing in my life has ever been easy, but this is becoming impossible. That light they say is at the end of every tunnel must have just gone out on me. That was until I ran into Lexus Ellison; beautiful, classy and intelligent, all in one perfect package. I know I am not even close to deserving her, so what right do I have to come into her life interrupting her greatness if I can’t add to it? Although he is tall, dark and chocolate like I ...
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