Colleen Charles
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"Beauty is more than skin deep..." ~ Sam Power Would you sell your soul to save your daughter's life? With my NHL career ripped to shreds by a devastating knee injury, I've hit rock bottom.Dead Ass Broke.Divorced.Single Father.The groupies have dried up and all that remains after my ex-wife stole all my money is my hell hole of an apartment and a beat-up car I won in a shooting contest my rookie year. But none of that matters to me. It's all about my precious little girl. My heart. My soul. She's sick and she's hurting.  There's a special trial at the Mayo Clinic but it costs six figures. I'm uninsured, and the only thing in my bank account is a string of zeros.So when temptation makes its siren's call inside a hotel bar. I answer. How hard could it be? Escorting rich, powerful women around town? Besides, I'll do anything.Anything.My daughter's uncertain future hangs in the balance. ...
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