John Silverstan
ASIN: B07492TXS7
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 32

People often think that Boxing is a sport of violence. On a contrary, it is a sport which brings you peace, solace and discipline to one’s life.My story is about two players who won their lives and loved ones by standing at the opposite poles. It is not a story about victory or defeat. There is much more which you can experience and take you to a different level and helps you in achieving goals in your life. It is a story of pain, love, passion, fight, action, boxing and human emotions. You will be puzzled with the behavior of the characters in the story all along. Let’s begin the fight!!!PainWhat is Pain? I’m not asking the external one when you get hurt. Do you think that is pain? Is that the thing?Pain is a beautiful one, internal one which cultivates, maintains your attitude, aids you when waiting for a special thing, and stretches you when practicing, shedding your blood to ...
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