Vincent Zandri
Publisher: Bear Thrills
Pages: 417

THE KIDNAPPING OF THE POPE...THE HEIST OF THE SPEAR THAT PIERCED JESUS'S SIDE AT THE CRUCIFIXION...A SURVIVING NAZI BENT ON WORLD DOMINATION...THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN STOP IT ALL IS ADVENTURER, CHASE BAKER...After surviving a bloody run-in with ISIS sympathizing bandits in the middle of Morocco’s Sahara Desert, adventurer and Renaissance man, Chase Baker, finds himself in the presence of a Vatican priest who desperately needs his help. One of the church’s great relics has been stolen by a surviving member of the Nazi SS. A man by the name of Adolf Rickman. The relic is none other than the spear of Longinus. The very weapon that pierced Jesus Christ’s side while he hung from the cross on Golgotha. If Chase can’t recover the spear, it will be used by Rickman and his neo-Nazi cohorts, to create a brand new evil Fourth Reich. Now, along with the help of a sexy Vatican archivist and a ...
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