J.M. Madden
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 160

You first fell in love with Chad and Lora in Embattled Home, book 3 of the Lost and Found Series. Chad Lowell and Lora O’Neil are in love, engaged to be married and happy … aren’t they? They’re in love, engaged and wildly over scheduled and over extended. There never seems to be enough time in the day for Lora to go to school, learn what she needs to run the corporation her daughter inherited, and take care of the two most important people in her world — her fiancé and her daughter. There are days when she’s not sure she’s eaten or not, much less what important things might have fallen through the cracks.Chad’s madly in love with Lora and being as patient as he can while she navigates a new world of independence, financial security and being loved by a man she can trust. Seven-year-old Mercy is his daughter in every way that matters to him but he’s eager to make their ...
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