Greg Connor
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 30

Are you wondering why buying new things doesn't bring happiness?What is Minimalism Living?Keep reading ↓.Minimalism is derived from “minimum” – we like to think of it as minimum stress which causes maximum pleasure. As a simple rule, to be a minimalist, you should possess less than 100 things at a time. Owning a car or a home or even an extra television can be considered overspending. You should focus on enjoying your job rather than building a career, be open to living in exotic, sometimes remote places all over the world, be able to pack up your bags and simply move wherever you want. But don’t be put off if you don’t have any of the above, as minimalism in the modern world isn’t about restricting yourself, but more about accommodating yourself with only what matters to you and declutter in minutes desires that really DON’T matter. So, you can have material ...
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