Twyla T
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 197

‘My Shawty: An Original Love Story’ by Twyla T is not your average urban novel. From the intimate moments between family and loved ones to the edge of your seat secrets, lies, and betrayal, you’ll be taken on a drama-packed ride through the streets of Mississippi.Twyla T’s incredible urban writing and deep character development allows you to really feel (and almost see) what the character’s in the book are experiencing. Twyla transports you into a world on the streets where secrets, lies, love, and betrayal are rampant. But what’s more important, survival or love?My Shawty: An Original Love Story OverviewNicole had her hands full, trying to raise two teenage boys in the mean urban streets of Chicago. Her nephew and her son were trying to do the right thing but trouble seemed to always find them. After her son, Babyface is shot and his best friend is killed, Nicole sends her ...
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