Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 218

Ben isn’t prepared for parenthood - and he definitely isn’t prepared for parenting a child with autism. But after receiving custody of five-year-old Kyle, a son he didn’t know he had, he’s going to have to figure it out - and fast!As the sole-caregiver, Ben must restructure his 60h work week and adjust to caring for someone other than himself; a someone who will hardly look at him. Things get off to a rocky start, but with the guidance of a gifted teacher, Ben and Kyle take tentative steps toward becoming father and son.At first glance, Miss Melanie Nicols views Ben as a deadbeat and unqualified father, but as she gets to know him she can’t help but admire his determination to learn for his son’s sake, and quickly becomes a friend to Kyle and an invaluable asset to Ben. As the boys come to rely on Miss Nichols as a part of their lives, will her admiration grow into ...
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