Alley McCall
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 415

Hildy James: recent college grad, wife, and journalist, has an extraordinary ability, she can see and communicate with the dead. Hired right out of college by Haunted America, a large multimedia company that specializes in the publication of America's most haunted, she has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. Hildy, her husband, Charlie, his twin, Cooper, and friends, Lizzy and Oliver, set out to uncover the secrets of the Clayton estate for their first assignment. Hildy thought this would be a simple weekend, with peaceful ghosts, like she had encountered in the past. She never expected to be targeted by a dark soul, though. A dark soul that wanted to remain hidden in the shadows, and would do anything to make sure that Hildy remained there, too. Excerpt:There it was again. The sound of a woman weeping hung heavy in the air. This was the reason I was running aimlessly alone in the ...
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