Kate Allenton
ASIN: B074L222M8
Publisher: Coastal Escape Publishing
Pages: 210

Dealing with ghosts is easy. It’s dealing with the living that keeps me hiding in the shadows.Until Now.No one knows how a record number of cold cases are solved in Billson, Mississippi. No one knows that my psychic abilities are responsible for providing the clues to solve these dead files. And certainly no one knows that I’m the person providing the tips to my godfather at the local PD.That is until an attempt on my godfather’s life puts him in the ICU.I'm willing to give up my anonymity to help solve this case if Detective Mason Spencer would only believe me, but convincing him proves harder than dealing with the dead.With my godfather’s life hanging in the balance, I’m forced to work with one skeptical detective and one conniving criminal. My psychic gifts couldn’t save my parents, but I’m determined to unmask this perpetrator before he strikes again, killing the only family I have ...
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