Max Hudson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 134

Father Jude Carter has hit the highest point in his life and, at the same time, the lowest in his career. The love like no other that he's found in ex-con Anderson Grant comes with a heavy price: giving up the priesthood. To this point, his life has been one of sacrifice of himself in service to others. Now, for the first time, it feels right to put himself, his needs, his love first. Tormented by fear and doubt, Jude nevertheless clings to hope for the future. He desperately wants to believe that his prayers for peace and happiness will be answered. It feels, though, like they are falling on deaf ears. Once he is no longer a priest, can he survive on love alone? Anderson Grant spent ten years in prison; he did the crime, so he did the time. A year into his new life, he’s met and fallen in love with the one man who should never even have been on his radar…Father Jude Carter. The ...
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