Twyla T
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 152

Authors Twyla T. and Patrice Balark teamed up to bring you book one of this new and exciting drama filled series, The Wife of a Kingpin: Malik & Micah’s Story. Of course, romance, sex, deceit, backbiting, and illegal dealings will be served up like a five course meal. After losing his mom at the age of 18 during his senior year of high school, Malik Jefferson took comfort in the only thing that made sense to him at the time... the streets. Malik along with his best friend and right hand man, Rico “Goo” Grady, were taken under the wings and learned everything street by the connect who happened to be dating Goo's mom. They started out as corner boys and were making smooth waves along the way. After the connects demise, Malik and Goo went from the corner to the top. After being challenged for the top position over and over, the duo answered the call of being as ruthless as they ...
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