J.A. Cummings
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 122

Being King of the Draugr is shaping up to be more difficult than Erik anticipated.This is a standalone of about 300 pages with a Happily Ever After ending and No cliffhanger. This book also contains several additional bonus stories to enjoy!Erik never thought fatherhood would be easy. Now that he knows he has a daughter, Mia, he wants to protect her from the Ulfen – wolf shifters - and the other vampires in Stockholm. Nika isn’t so sure Mia needs protecting. Soon Erik and Nika will need to protect themselves, because old grudges die hard.Not only does he have to deal with the power vacuum created by the deaths of the First, but he and Nika have to deal with addicted vampires, taking over a business, and planning a wedding. On top of all of this, his daughter Mia is on the run with a rogue werewolf. She thinks that the vampires hunting her were sent by her father. He needs to find ...
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