Vincent Zandri
Publisher: Bear Contemporary Romance
Pages: 58

"WOULD YOU COMMIT MURDER FOR YOUR ART?"Making love to Stella. It’s always on my mind. It follows me wherever I go. I can’t get enough of her. Can’t satiate the hunger, the desire, the addiction. But I’m also a writer. You might have seen my name around. Or perhaps not. There was a time I collected one rejection letter after the other. Editors said my prose was cold, lifeless, emotionless, and worst of all, lacking real life experience. I had thought that the love of my life, Stella, would be my muse. But as much as I lusted for her--as much as I’d became a slave to my desires for her--my prose still suffered.But then a beautiful young woman by the name of Tara came into my life. She made me an offer I could not possibly refuse. An offer to be her “handyman.” The job would involve murder, but it would also involve raw passion, and it would provide me with an experience that ...
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