Olivia Rian
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 102

Will Mr. Beaverton solve his first "real" case?When the sheriff is unexpectedly called away to attend to trouble in another town, Mr. Beaverton is left on his own to keep Knotty Pine safe.One piece of property after another begins to go missing, so the residents of Knotty Pine turn to Mr. Beaverton for help. With his secretary, Miss Di, and messenger boy, Oscar, busy, Mr. Beaverton enlists the help of Sir Sly Sepluv, a shady red fox, to help him find the sneaky thief.Interestingly, Mr. Beaverton finds markings as well as pistachios at the scenes of the crimes.Little does Mr. Beaverton know, a nutty adventure awaits. . .Knotty Pine Mysteries is an educational children's chapter book series set in 1800's North America. Young and old alike will be thrilled by this suspenseful and entertaining story as they follow Mr. Beaverton, a dapper beaver with a knack for sleuthing, on his latest ...
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