Caroline Peckham
ASIN: B074WCV558
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 414

Vampires are kidnapping girls from prisons across the world. And I'm their latest victim.  I've been entered into a ruthless game. And there's only one rule: survive.   On a stormy island in the north sea, I'm hunted daily by ravenous vampires with twenty four other female contestants.  Some of the girls will do anything to win, even turn on each other. But that's what the spectators want. So I have to choose whether to become a monster like them, or brave the dangerous path of making alliances. I refuse to accept the fate which has been forced upon me, but the Helsing family who run this game don't like girls who fight back. The problem is? Fighting back is hardwired into my nature. That's why I was in prison after all.   My only hope might be a forbidding vampire slave who frightens me to my core. But there's something about him I'm drawn to. Beneath his dark, twisted ...
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