Nikki Haverstock
ASIN: B074X8L6S9
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 174

Three ways that Ella's life is totally messed up:__ her new coworker is as cranky as he is attractive__ a mischievous cat has decided she needs a familiar__ she just found out she's a witch who can read the emotional hologram of a magical death (and isn't that a mouthful) And oh yeah, there's five dead bodies, and no one knows how they are connected. Now she’s drawn into a madcap investigation at the casino where she's managed to snag a job. She must navigate learning her new mage abilities, a topless burlesque show, a jealous girlfriend, gamblers of all varieties, and magical chocolate cake, all while not setting herself or others on fire before the murderer makes her the next victim.A paracozy (aka Paranormal cozy mystery)A humorous adventure! "Ella's new job turns out to be more than she bargained for when she finds herself immersed in a world of mages, spells, and murder. This ...
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