Mark Gillespie
Publisher: Deep Red Publishing
Pages: 714

A city trapped behind walls.This is London like you've never seen it before.The Future of London Box Set (Books 1-3) chronicles the downfall of one of the world's major cities. It takes a real life event - the 2011 London riots - and envisions an alternate outcome. One that will both shock and entertain you. Read the first three novels in this head-turning and provocative series and ask yourself - is this fiction? Or is it the future? Praise for the Future of London:'This is the best thing I've read in months.' - Narrelle Day ★★★★★'Modern dystopian at its best. Why isn't this a television series yet?' - Kirsten McKenzie (author of Painted) - ★★★★★'Civic terror, apocalypse, gangs, horror, complete decline of it and weep.' Mallory A. Haws ★★★★★Start reading the Future of London today!
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