Cara Crescent
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 348

A Watcher’s curse…Raised by one of the most hated and feared witches, Katherine O'Hickey survived her mother's abuse to become a healer; a witch with the touch and the heart to mend animals, humans, and daemons alike. Although forced to keep her mother's secrets, she’s still filled with guilt and regret for not preventing the evil her mother caused. Righting some of those wrongs does Kat as much good as the people she helps, which is why she spell-traveled a heavily scarred, tough, muscular—very sexy—vampire to her home. Unfortunately, healing the Harbinger’s battered body is easier than healing his broken mind, and Kat is running out of time to save him and prove he’s not the monster everyone thinks.A healing touch…Julius Crowley remembers nothing of himself or his life prior to waking up in a house he doesn't recognize, with a beautiful witch who claims he’s her ...
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