Ellen Wilder
ASIN: B0751DQ4V9
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 94

Vitalli Children’s Hospital Director of Development, Amanda “Manda” Reilly, is dreading her upcoming cruise. Her boyfriend just broke up with her, her cousin bailed at the last minute, and her anxiety is through the roof. Now planning to stay under the radar on the cruise, relax, and soak up some sun, Manda boards the ship to find that she’s actually going on a singles cruise.Country music star Hunter Cross booked a show on a cruise to the Caribbean thinking it would be a fun (and quick) gig for him and the crew. When he runs into an old friend, Hunter realizes that this will be a journey much different than he expected.Will this chance encounter between Manda and her childhood crush turn into a disaster, or will an old spark reignite and send their ship happily into the sunset?
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