Dani Littlepage
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 165

My Other Baby Mama A Dopeboy Love Saga is about the life of a young man that is successful in the drug game with his own operation. While trying to stay clear of the cops and provide for his family, he also has to manage his love life between his main chick and his side chick.Ramsey, 26, is the man in the city of Philly and the most popular drug dealer in the game.His drug operation and his money is his main focus and if anything or anyone stands in the way of that, he won’t hesitate to put them down. Every drug dealer needs a rider and his has been holding him down for five years strong. Although he has love for his main chick, he found love with his side chick of three years. If things weren’t complicated for Ramsey already, when he impregnated both women at the same time and had his children five days a apart, his love life only intensified. While his heart is with one woman, his ...
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