Elena Bryce
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 253

Protect the Grail, battle the hunters, don't fall for the bad boy vampire. When new witch Ivy is asked to help secure the Holy Grail she has no idea how dangerous it will get. Especially as she is aiding a hot immortal who has a history with the women in her family line. But it's not just her heart and her life at stake, if the Grail falls into the wrong hands then all humanity could succumb to darkness. Lachlan Thorn would rather work alone. Unfortunately, his latest mission requires magical assistance and the only option is Ivy, a feisty young witch whose ability to distract him might prove fatal for them both. With a horde of enemies literally snapping at their necks, they embark on a quest to the mists of Scotland. But as passion and peril collide, Ivy is forced back in time, where she connects with Lachlan in the past and discovers the truth about their bond. While Lachlan is ...
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