Arleen Gabrio
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 79

The secretary from DyTech has moved to her inherited home which just happens to be in Mike and Peter’s area. She is hoping to escape all the troubles of DyTech. She’s still in fear of something or someone finding her. Her fears lead her to a failsafe method of warning her son of danger and who he should call if something happens to her. She soon turns up missing. Her son is positive she’s been kidnapped. Mike and Peter are searching for a killer. A man’s body is found on a sail boat. The dead man left a clue but Mike and Peter don’t understand what it means. Simone asks for Mikes help. Someone is threatening a friend of Jack Chambers. That someone just happens to be the new widow of the man whose body was on a boat out on the water. Relatives are trying to force her to leave her home. Mike and Peter come to the rescue. In the process of their rescue, they ...
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