Anita Chance
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Pages: 172

PUBLISHERS PROMOTIONAL PRICE - limited time only!When my best friend Stacey talked me into going back to our hometown to celebrate its two hundred year anniversary, falling in love wasn't even on my radar. We were only supposed to be in Rocky Falls for the weekend. I couldn't get away fast enough when I left for college, and I had no intention of sticking around any longer than I had to. But then on the night of the celebrations Scott Turner is killed, and Stacey goes missing. When she is found outside the hospital with a head wound, and no memory of the night before, she becomes the number one suspect. I can't leave Rocky Falls until we find out the truth about what happened that night. And that's where it gets complicated, because the cop investigating Stacey was also my date the night she went missing. Falling in love might not have been on my radar, and falling for the ...
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