Eric Stein
ASIN: B0758XL2W2
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 61

Science has shown the body runs better (pun intended) using fat. Truth is, you were born to burn fat and store sugar. It's in your DNA. For most of history this was normal. Modern runners do the opposite, burning sugar and storing fat, much to the displeasure of our athletic ancestors.In Butter Runner, bestselling keto author Eric Stein explains how casual joggers, dedicated runners, and high-level marathon competitors all posses the same metabolic ability to be fat-burning powerhouses by following simple step-by-step instructions that train your body to use fat instead of carbs for energy, unlocking an ancient power supply. In this book you’ll learn:Ketogenic Diet BasicsHow Burning Ketones Increases EnduranceWhy Carb-Loading May Hurt PerformanceThe Secret Ketosis-Longevity ConnectionDelicious Keto Recipes and Meal PlanProper Supplementation For Keto AthletesAnd Much Much ...
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