Cami Checketts
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 162

Don't miss this sweet Billionaire Beach Romance. Amazon bestselling author, Taylor Hart says, "Loved this book! Athena and Nixon have sparks that make great romance between them!"**Note** This book was formerly called 'Alcatraz Takeover.' Enjoy this fast paced romance by best-selling author, Cami Checketts.When Athena Haddad's father and brother are killed, she busies herself working at her wellness studio and helping her mom fight MS. Little does she realize how flat her life has become--until she meets Nixon Browning. The billionaire is expanding his chain of health stores along the west coast, but he doesn't appreciate her beautiful city and she thinks his products are over-priced and worthless. Athena sets out to teach Nixon about the city and its history while ignoring his inherent kindness, sharp intellect, and the warmth that spreads through her body when he touches her. Nixon is ...
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