Cydney O'Sullivan
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 240

Think Big Amazon Description“If you’re going to accomplish anything you have to think big and shoot for the stars. The biggest challenge most people face is they’re thinking small. I would still be in Austria yodeling in the Alps…that’s what I tell you…Think Big.”– Arnold SchwarzeneggerAre you ready for a massive success breakthrough? Are you ready to thrive in life and business in a rapidly changing world? Are you ready to THINK BIG?It only takes three weeks to establish a new habit, so imagine what you could do with a month. Read one chapter each day of this inspirational book and change your mindset to change your results. Turbo charge your life! In this book from Cydney O’Sullivan, Toni Fitzgerald and Success Experts, you’ll sample insights from thirty of Australia’s most respected thought leaders including World Martial Arts Champion John Gill, Bernadette ...
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