Lily Rose
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 312

Sweet and Timeless: Monday by Lily Rose is the sweet edition of New York Times bestselling author E. L. Todd's steamy contemporary romance novel Monday. This story is the same as the contemporary romance and conveys all the passion of the original book without any explicit scenes or harsh language. I don’t believe in destiny.In fate.Or in soul mates.But I believe in Hawke.My life has never been whole since my parents left forever. I have my brother, someone I can barely tolerate most of the time, and I have my best friend, Marie.And I have myself.But when Hawke walks into my life, there’s an immediate connection. Our eyes lock and an unspoken conversation is exchanged. For the first time in my life, I actually feel something.But he doesn’t.He keeps me at arm’s length and pretends there’s nothing between us when there clearly is. I’m not the kind of girl to wait around for ...
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