Anita Chance
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 403

When best friends Bree and Stacey went back to Rocky Falls, falling in love was the last thing on their minds. They didn't expect to find their soul mates, and they definitely didn't expect to be involved in a kidnapping, become part of a murder investigation, or that one of them would be the accused. But that is exactly what happens.Book 1 : Playing for Keeps is a 40 000 word novella.Book 2: Crossing the Finish Line is a full-length novel.The HEA is guaranteed, because that's how falling in love should be.These books are clean (the fade to black kind). If you prefer your stories a little naughtier, there is another edition of this book. Just click on the author link and look for the other version.Playing for Keeps : (Bree) Falling in love wasn't even on my radar. I was only meant to be in Rocky Falls for the weekend, but then my best friend Stacey goes missing, and a man is killed. ...
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