Susan Vaughan
ASIN: B075JLY195
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 1142

DEVLIN SECURITY FORCE, Protecting Priceless TreasuresFormer Special Forces officer Thomas Devlin founded Devlin Security Force after witnessing the destruction and theft of antiquities in Iraq. The DSF mission of protecting and recovering art and artifacts means combating Centaur, a shadowy international crime syndicate. ON DEADLY GROUNDDesperate to save her brother, museum director Kate Fontaine must work with Max Rivera, the ex-military guide she doesn’t trust to return a precious Mayan artifact to its temple, but when desire flares between them, outrunning international black-market smugglers and an earthquake seems simple compared to risking their hearts.RING OF TRUTHRecovering crown jewels could get the FBI off Cortez Jones’s back, but he needs the help of Mara Marton who blames his jewel-thief father for destroying her family. Mara wants this chance to prove her father's ...
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