Daniel Kenney
ASIN: B075NJ4W74
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 102

Jake Skutter is the Absolute Worst!!! And nobody knows this better than Sean Kelly. You see, Jake has been bullying Sean for his entire life. And by some miracle, Jake never gets in trouble, and he always beats Sean at everything. And now Jake’s got his hands on the coolest dart gun in the world. The one with the latest in Auto-Blaster technology. For twelve-year old Sean Kelly, this is the last straw! And it makes him do something that most kids at his school think is crazy. Will it lead to another in a long line of crushing, humiliating defeats, for the school’s lovable loser? Or, just this once, will Sean and his friends do the impossible? Will they finally win? Lovable Loser 1 is the 2nd book in the Project Gemini Series. Project Gemini is a unique collection of books aimed at getting the eight-to-ten-year-old reluctant reader excited to read. Project Gemini is a ten-book series ...
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