Kelli Jae Baeli
Publisher: Lesbian Literati Press
Pages: 239

"This goofy crew of lesbian rockers led by Jane and narrated through her sarcastic/judgy point of view are a lovable mishmash of unique personalities and habits that miraculously gel together. Their screwball adventures will have your belly aching from uproarious laughter, but are tempered from time to time by solemn moments when the going gets tough." ~Amazon Reviewer What do you get when you mix a repressed mechanical engineer, a freelance technical writer, an obsessive, wise-cracking 911 operator, an incense-burning celibate accountant, and a legally blind corn-fed country girl? A wild ride through the world of a local chick-band, that's what.Siblings Jane and Tyler Parish have enjoyed moderate success performing in local gay bars, but when someone comes along to coax them toward higher aspirations, the girls in the band must decide how much they want to make it in the mainstream. ...
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