David R. Bernstein
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 442

Endless Wonder Binds the Universe... Tragedy Will Break it ApartExplore the beauty of science fiction with fourteen complete YA, space-themed short stories from a collection of talented authors. Spanning nearly 450 pages. Exclusive to this anthology only.Sasha lives off the treasure she salvages in abandoned ships on the edge of the solar system: until the day she recovers a lost popstar from 200 years ago.-- Dark Star by S.E. AndersonOne rickety ship. Hundreds of refugees fleeing Earth. Millions of light years to an unknown planet.One chance for a new home.-- Let Me In by Jennifer BrodyAnne has a strange feeling the mysterious lights in the sky have something to do with the number six she keeps seeing everywhere.-- Six by Lindsey R. LoucksWhen Evie meets an unlikely ally on her off-ship excursion, they must race against time before an impending war destroys their new planet.-- Siteron ...
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5 stars from 45 ratings
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