Craig Field
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 69

This book gives the shortcuts and secrets to achieve $100,000 a year in Cyber Security. The information will help you get there fast and cheap. Cheap meaning hundred dollar certifications instead of thousands of dollars of formal schooling debt. If you develop a passion for Cyber Security great! If you do not, the pay will be good enough to support a family, the skill sets are transferable and the job security is pretty good. As you go down this path to a profession in Cyber Security, the end result might actually be the same one stated by many people in the Cyber Security world — I love my job!The book is short and to the point. It is built to explain how to achieve your goal as fast as possible with as little debt as possible. Most the knowledge is free. What other time in history has the knowledge for a high income job been freely available?CYBER SECURITY Skills to protect data from ...
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