Robert E. Vardeman
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 205

Earth barely fed its own people. Jobs were scarce and many scholars pointed to this century as a new Dark Ages. This wasn’t the time to raise the banner for a new crusade against aliens.Or was it?Barton Kinsolving has got a lot on his plate.As mine supervisor for Interstellar Materials’ Deepdig #2 mining operation, he has to ensure that the mine is run safely, efficiently, and, most importantly, in a way that doesn’t make their alien landlords angry.Humans are new to the interstellar scene. With a dying planet they were desperate to escape, they went out into the universe in the search of something better, only to find that there were others already there, more numerous and more technologically advanced.Luckily, the alien races see the humans only as a primitive nuisance, and while they treat Earthlings with disdain, they can come to agreements. Such as allowing the humans to mine ...
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