Deana Farrady
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Pages: 324

Funny. Scorching. Smart. Romantic.CharisAsher Norrell is my dream man - hot, brilliant, and charming, every big, strapping inch of him. Too bad he thinks of me as a platonic buddy.I mean, I get it. I'm no femme fatale. Nope, I'm the tomboy who shoots hoops with the guys, not the love bunny who sits on their laps.But, oh, well. I guess it's all for the best. Because I just got engaged. Even if the marriage won't be quite…the usual kind.I just wonder if Asher will be pissed when he finds out who my fiance is.AsherOn the surface things are perfect. I'm sailing through college, I'm already successful in my field, I've got a beautiful girlfriend, and life is sweet.To top it off, I have the best f*cking friend in the world in Charis Sloane, doctoral student, gamer, and honorary family member from way back. Sure, she's a geek, but so am I under all these muscles.She and I connect via ...
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