Andrew J Weis
Publisher: Arlington Gate Books LLC
Pages: 319

A Fantastic Paranormal Adventure!Divine Endorsement is an immersive death-defying race against time that kicks off the John Harrod Trilogy in an intense and electrifying fashion!John Harrod believes time travel is impossible. He believes the existence of God and angels is the stuff of fairy tales. While John and his friend Dave go on a bicycle trip across France, they’re steered into a mystical gateway that takes them back in time to the horrors of World War One.While John and Dave assume roles in the British military training as recon pilots, John learns that his mission is to find his reclusive great-grandfather, a man he never knew, who holds the last page of a secret divine text known as the Book of Ancients. To return home, John must survive a perilous search through all the ugliness of war. However, a powerful ruthless fallen angel is also searching for the last page and intends ...
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