HJ Welch
ASIN: B0764JKB53
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 274

Blake Jackson has never had a boyfriend before. Because he isn’t gay. Until recently, he was part of one of America’s most successful boy bands. After their record label ruthlessly dropped Below Zero, Blake has no choice but to head back to his hometown with his overbearing family. Elion Rodriguez never thought he’d get another chance with his high school crush, the pop star hunk Blake Jackson. Not when his life is the opposite of exciting, stuck as a barista in the town he grew up in. When Blake walks back into his world though, Elion feels like there might be something between them after all. All Blake wants is to pursue his first love of dance again. But in order to do that, he finds himself the star of a reality TV show, and the producers are determined to spice things up. They don’t care that Blake isn’t gay, not when Elion makes such a cute boyfriend. The pair send the ...
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