Gregor Moniuszko
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 164

Create Habits that Work with Your UNIQUENESS, Without the One-Size-Fits-All NonsenseWhat if you could finally tailor routines you actually love doing? What if these routines brought out the best in you and started a powerful chain reaction to help you get exactly what you WANT?You'll have to STOP working so hard, though. You'll have to stop saying you haven't succeeded because you're "lazy." You'll have to stop beating yourself up for not working "hard enough." You'll have to stop copying successful people's habits that are not compatible with your inner self.Here's what you'll START doing:*You'll discover the easier way to kick-start your dreams.*You'll learn how to tailor your strategies and tactics so they work FOR you (not against you).*You'll discover why mindless copying of the successful people's habits often decreases the quality of your life (Paradox of Undesirable ...
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