Becky Monson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 161

***This fun holiday romance can be read as a standalone!***"The chemistry is so swoony and the kisses will curl your toes!" -Katie's Clean Book Collection ★★★★★"Becky Monson has written a fabulous story of friendships rekindled, talents rediscovered and, of course, romance." -Christine J ★★★★★In one day, London Walsh finds out her ex is going to be her boss and that her parents are getting a divorce—and they want her to referee the situation. So when she’s offered the chance to spend the holidays in her old hometown of Christmas Falls, far away from all the drama, she jumps on it.But the quaint town doesn’t feel quite like the home it once was. London shed the goth image that defined her in high school long ago, but no one recognizes the woman she's become.Except for Andy Broll, London’s childhood next door neighbor. He recognizes her immediately, which sends ...
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