Stephen White
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 60

Hey Landlord,What do you do when a tenant dies in your rental? Do you have a documented procedure for a new tenant?What’s an experience at eviction court like?This isn’t your typical landlord self-help book where one author walks you from A to Z on how to manage your rental properties. If that’s what you’re looking for... I’d recommend reading, “The Book on Managing Rental Properties” by Brandon & Heather Turner. This book is a community-inspired project where each chapter is written by one landlord, property manager, or expert on a specific topic.All of these authors are connected together via a private Facebook group called “RentPrep For Landlords.” This group currently has over 3,700 members that share their insights and stories around managing rental properties.All the profits from this book will be donated back to the charities that inspire our group members.Each ...
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