Kristen Strassel
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 179

The Real Werewives of Alaska is the hottest new reality show on TV. Each week, a shapeshifting football player finds his forever mate.Wolf shifter Sebastian is putting it all on the line by becoming the Alaska Bloodhounds’ running back. He’s been kicked out of his pack and threatened with death if he sets foot in the state again. Getting involved with a reality dating show? Out of the question. Until he meets his forever mate at the Real Werewives welcome party.Naomi’s a commitment-phobe, but when her mom signs her up for The Real Werewives of Alaska, she’s game. Forever mates? Nope. She's on the show to get exposure for her travel blog. But when a smokin’ hot wolf with amber eyes wants to take her on a date, suddenly forever doesn’t seem so bad.When his old pack comes for him, can Sebastian keep Naomi safe or will she run? No cliffhanger. These sports shifter romances can ...
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