Jacob Ji Ogletree
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 79

In the Yogi Residency, Jacob Ji recalls his Journey throughout his "Yogi Residency," where his dedication to the lifetime path of Yoga begins. After getting fired from a job, Jacob Ji is confronted with the fact that he may not be able to complete his yoga teacher training. That is until the head of his training, Cal suggests a yogi residency. The purpose of the yogi residency is to "separate oneself from capitalism 'temporarily' and to be fully immersed in an inquiry." In order to dream Jacob Ji seeks out ten sponsors to contribute X amount per month: just enough to cover his bare living expenses. During the six months of the yogi residency, Jacob Ji's studies include neuroscience, nutrition, anatomy, conservation, sustainability, and lots and lots of Yoga! He also gets involved in the community, participating in the farmer's market, activism, and completing his yoga teacher training. ...
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