Abby Lou Walker
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 233

“ It is the best account of a [woman] entrepreneur's struggle for independence that one will ever read.” John A. Busch, Hansen Reynolds LLC In Strap on a Pair, Abby Lou Walker, owner of her own recently launched multi-million dollar company, empowers women of all walks of life with an inspirational story of her transition from the drudgery of being a professional woman in an office setting with a draining home life to becoming a self-made woman entrepreneur in the fashion industry.Before, there was only one problem with Abby's good life… it was slowly killing her. Tired of mundane roles at work and exhausting routines at home, uninspired by the corporate BS, and desperate to do anything to feel alive, Walker was determined to keep living the good parts of her life AND satisfy her desire for something more.Armed with a bit of curiosity, some courage and a love of high heels, she ...
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