Luana Ehrlich
Publisher: Potter's Word Publishing
Pages: 481

Titus thought it would be a simple rescue mission. He was wrong.Book IV in the Titus Ray Thriller series, featuring CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray.It wasn’t simple . . . Days after preventing a sarin gas attack on the nation’s capital, CIA operative, Titus Ray, arrives in Santiago de Cuba on a mission to rescue fellow operative, Ben Mitchell, from the hands of the Los Zetas drug cartel.It wasn’t simple . . .After discovering Ben’s abduction was more than a simple kidnapping, Titus joins forces with an unconventional operative whose peculiar ideas threaten to destroy the mission. As the search for Ben reaches a critical stage, Titus is suddenly called back to Langley.It wasn’t a rescue . . . When he arrives back in the States, not only does he learn his mission has changed, he also learns he has a rival for Nikki Saxon’s affections. Now, he must make a decision about their ...
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