Erin Bedford
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 324

One woman. Three men. All Dragons.A sexy, action-packed reverse harem that will make your toes curl! Maya Rose has a problem. She's the last in her line of dragon shifters, and if she doesn't produce an heir soon, it could be disastrous for her kingdom.In order to remedy this, her father, the king, has gathered the greatest heroes from across the lands, and set them on a quest to not only save the kingdom, but to win Maya's love.Should they succeed, they will become her husband and rule by her side. Should they fail to win her love, death is the only answer.But with so many dashing men willing to do anything to win her hand, how is a girl to choose?Then again, no one ever said she had to pick just one.After all, the fate of the realm is at stake, and maybe this time, more is merrier. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a love triangle. What you'll find inside is a ...
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