Katia Rose
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 290

Modelling lingerie for her arch-nemesis was not on Christina’s to-do list.Then again, neither was he.Aaron Penn might be the talk of the advertising school they both attend, but to Christina, he’s just an egomaniac with a cocky smirk to match. Fast forward to the end of term, when a class project gone wrong has her stripping down to a negligee and letting Aaron photograph her to advertise a line of women’s underwear.She expects suggestive comments and smarmy-eyed stares, but when Aaron gets behind the camera, he treats her body like a work of art. Even though all she’s got on is a scrap of satin, the room suddenly feels way too hot.As the tension between them builds to expensive-panty-melting-levels, Christina finds herself caught between falling for the complicated artist who knows just what poses to put her in and wondering why he acts like such an irritating hotshot around ...
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4.5 stars from 22 ratings
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