Piper Rayne
ASIN: B076JH38P1
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 260

From a secret duo of USA Today Bestselling Authors, comes another sexy romantic comedy STANDALONE.She needed a nanny.I needed a lead actress.Somehow I became The Manny.Secrets and lies are a killer way to start any partnership—especially a horizontal one.Now, I’m a glass half full kinda of guy, so, after the ‘you’re fired’ speech was directed at me, I figure now’s the time to be the screenwriter I came to sunny California to be. Unfortunately, there are about as many people trying to sell a script in L.A. as there are vegans in the pacific northwest. But lucky for me, a few weeks ago my agent found an investor for my script. Hooray, all my problems are solved! NOT. Because the investor will only agree to fund my film if I use one specific actress. And that one specific actress? Well of course, it just has to be the same actress I screwed over only months before. But she doesn’t need to ...
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