Tish Davis
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 175

In a time of arranged marriages when women have few options, Isobel fell in love. Will the sins from the Duke’s past rise up and ruin their happiness?The Duke of Toomscomb was in a carriage accident and his body is broken as well as his soul. He shouldn’t have been racing but he gave in to a moment of weakness. Not only is he badly injured but his fiancée died in the accident. The guilt is more than he can bear. No one is willing to care for him because his demands are great and his complaints are greater. He’s a heartless cad with a vile temper, and everyone finds him terrifying.Isobel is the only one who can help, yet she has her own troubles. She and her siblings have fallen on hard times. Their parents are on an overseas voyage with no contact in months. There is only one person who can prevent their starvation. After seeking the Lord’s direction, Isobel goes to the Duke of ...
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