Alan Scholefield
ASIN: B076M612MF
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 252

An Easter weekend in cold, misty London. A man is found stabbed to death.Most of the inhabitants are spending a quiet few days with family and friends. But under Hungerford Bridge, where the homeless sleep, the body of a well-known television personality is found murdered.Terry Collins, a young street kid, is running away from the murder, with blood still on his hands; two others are so running – towards it and its consequences.There is Jack Benson, a shady businessman, who, with the wisdom of panic, is running for his life from the Triads in Hong Kong. And Maria Dunlap who, with the wisdom of self-betrayal, is running from what she believes is a broken marriage.All their lives are going to merge. They will never be the same again, and murder is the catalyst.This contemporary, hard-edged mystery is the first in the series featuring Detective Superintendent George Macrae and Detective ...
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